Why use us for Consumer Debt Recovery

Value for Money – No Collection, No Commission
  • Our straightforward commission structure means you know what you will pay in the event of success. No success does mean no commission.
Debtor profiling
  • Using a combination of our in-house expertise, our bespoke Minerva debtor profiling software and access to external databases, we can easily identify your debtor’s ability to pay and tailor the recovery process appropriately.
Payment Arrangements
  • Using a combination of our profiling and assessment of debtor’s circumstances allows us to set up affordable instalment plans while ensuring your debt is collected as soon as practicable. Our Minerva software automatically monitors instalments and automatically generates reminders by letter, telephone call, text or email as appropriate in the event of default.
Wide-ranging payment options
  • We aim to make it as easy as possible for debtor’s to pay us. The traditional methods of payment by cash or cheque are available. This is supported by on-line payments by credit or debit card available through our website or Facebook page. Card payments can also be made by telephone and we accept payments through online banking. For those without bank account facilities we can offer payment with an Allpay card enabling payments to be made at Post Offices or Paypoint outlets. In addition, payments can be made by BACS, Direct Debit or Standing Order.
Proactive recovery services
  • We utilise a wide range of communication methods to make contact with your debtor including correspondence, telephone, text and email. Contact is driven by our Minerva workflow which selects the appropriate method of contact for each case. Supported by our profiling mentioned above ensures the best methods of recovery are pursued in every case.
Dispute Resolution
  • Identifying disputes at an early stage avoids unnecessary costly court action. We will draw any disputes to your attention as soon as practicable and offer any assistance required to reach a resolution.
Case Monitoring
  • Cases are continuously monitored throughout the lifecycle to identify any changes in circumstances that may require a change in the recovery procedures.
  • Absconded debtors need not be a problem using our Investigation Services. A combination of our in-house expertise and access to external databases we have a high tracing success rate. See our full range of services on our Investigations page
  • Real time information is available on our on-line Web Minerva system where you can follow recovery progress, order copy documents and download reports at a time that suits you.
Standards and Ethics
  • Our membership of the Society of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers and the Credit Services Association plus our registration with the Financial Conduct Authority ensures your caseload will be handled with the highest ethical standards. For full details visit our Standards page